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Our Proposal

The strong combination of an extensive Worldwide Network with the knowledge of internal Retail processes enhances our preparation to support others to achieve their short-term, mid-term or long-term Goals, as well as guiding our clients towards the right strategy and moves to make.

Since the moment you start planning your next challenge, until the end consumer experience, Retail is a multi-level chain of areas that need to be in perfect sync to result in the best product at the best moment!


Working towards greatness in every step of the way is what we want to help our clients with, knowing from our own experience that this is the best way to guarantee a successful Growth. Ultimately our Goal is to be your Expansion Partners and being accountable for the speed and success of your Company recognition around the Globe!

Our Main Services

Going Global is one of the hardest barriers to break on every Brand. Most of the times it's difficult and expensive for a Brand to build a team from scratch that combines International experience, global networking and retail knowledge. There's where EXPEGY enters your expansion strategy, providing all of the above in success base relationship with your Brand that rules itself by a very clear set of Goals to achieve together.


With several years and broad experience in the Retail market, working in different areas of the field and from different points of view (Brands, Agents, Distributors, Retail Groups, etc) our team gathers a complete knowledge of different aspects of the Business. Our Goal is to spread the knowledge through our network and help our clients in specific areas that need optimization in their structures, providing Consultancy services and working together to achieve excellence.


Growing and developing a Company/Brand into excellence standards requires adaptation to the best practices in the Retail business, ensuring that the best tools are used and that the knowledge of how to use them is well spread throughout the company structure. By guaranteeing that our clients use the Best tools for each specific needs and that their team has all the knowledge needed to achieve success is on of our priorities. That's why we dedicate part of our services to train them and share with them all our know-how acquired with our past experiences and also help them select the best professionals for their teams.


Logistics is one of the biggest challenges that Brands pass by everyday. Trying to find the perfect solutions, the perfect supplier and get time to do a close follow up is a major challenge. With several years of expertise on the logistics field, our team gathers the perfect experience to help any Brand to get an easy solution for each shipment. This service appears as a response to transport needs that due to their urgency and specifics, such as volume or weight, among others, do not fit standard services.

Do you want to Expand your Retail Business?

We are here to help you with that. Check our contacts!

EXPEGY Consulting
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