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Change means Improvements!

March 2017: EXPEGY was born!

Starting as a conversation between friends and the understanding that Globalization requires dedicated professionals to guarantee that opportunities do not escape and that efforts to internationalize are efficiently put into place, EXPEGY was born as a boutique consultancy company dedicated to help clients achieve their goals.

After traveling around the Globe (Canada, Uruguay, Spain, France, UK, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Serbia, Lithuania, Estonia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Pakistan, Malaysia...) and meeting Amazing people along the way, we are feeling "Mission Accomplished" in so many ways.

The opportunity to build an amazing office team in Porto (Portugal), enrolling in e-commerce and retail projects, working day in and day out and being able to maintain the family environment within the company, has definitely made us all grow and understand all our priorities and paths to follow.

On a personal note:

EXPEGY has been the most exciting professional project/adventure of my life.

I had to chance of building it with one of my best friends and mentor and that has no price.

Along the way, I met absolutely fantastic people and, following the spirit of our boutique consultancy company, became real friends with most of our clients. This whole experience allowed me to grow as a person and as a professional, and at the same time, put my priorities into perspective.

I have tremendous gratitude for everyone that made part of our amazing team (Pedro Maia, Marcela Albuquerque, Berta Montells, Frederic Castellón, Gaspar Malheiro and Trevor Dias). You have all given everything you had, and beyond, for EXPEGY and our reputation speaks for you all.

Thank you!

Nevertheless, a life project like this has a bigger depth when taken together with your significant other. Nothing that happened was possible without Rute Pereira's imagination, effort, patience, creativity and hard work. She is the face behind our image, our website, our social Media... And she is my wife!

Thank you for all the support along the way!

Thank you for all the vacations we didn't have!

Thank you for all the weekends we are missing!

Thank you for everything!

That said, I am stepping down as EXPEGY's Managing Director, but we are stronger than ever!

EXPEGY will move from Porto (Portugal) to Barcelona (Spain)!

We want to be closer to where some of our most important clients are and also closer to some of the most important potential clients.

And from now on, Frederic Castellón will be stepping in as our new Managing Director!

Frederic has been our Wholesale Director for a while now and his projects have succeeded and all the Brand's he works with are thriving!

He has a solid experience in household Brand's, known globally and we are absolutely confident that he is the right person to take EXPEGY to the next step!

It has been a pleasure and I am super excited for EXPEGY's near future!!!

Yours Truly,

Nuno Malheiro

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