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Name: Fera Textiles Type of product: Denim Fabrics What are we looking for: Brands which want to buy denim fabrics Description: Having taken the road to supply high quality denim fabrics to the world's leading denim brands and retailers, this company started operations in the year of 2001.Fera Textile, having earned a solid place and become one of the biggest actors in the sector in such a short span of time, has managed to expand its business volume to become a selected company that serves dozens of domestic and international clients. Fera Textile’s mission is to be a reliable company with utmost emphasis to quality, fashionability and creativity, that creates economic values and is preferred by sportswear manufacturers with priority; and its vision is to serve its clients with a partnership approach and become a company that keeps producing those values, caring about its workforce, and selling products in conformity with human health and environmental concerns. Country of Origin: Turkey Global Presence: Worldwide Website: https://www.feratextile.com/

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