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First Year Balance | CEO's Message

Nuno Malheiro - CEO & Co-founder

EXPEGY was born in 2017!

Only from this opening statement I can easily deduct it was a Great year!

Globalization and International trade accelerated the needs of any Retail Brand to expand and conquer more and more markets as they grow.

This became the Key driver for any Brand who wishes to Expand and go further than their home market in search of added value and global recognition. Understanding this, we decided to create and launch EXPEGY assuming the will to become the hardworking team behind the Brands that chose to work with us, saving them the expensive and time consuming efforts of building an expansion team from scratch and the risks of not finding the right assets or networking that its Brand would need.

In these past 9 months, we were able to present our Brands to Retail Groups, Distributors, Agents and Market Places in over 13 different countries, successfully closing 2 Head of Terms and finishing the year working on another 4 of those in the pipeline.

With us, our Brands finished the year with the prospects of opening more than 6 stores in 2018 and starting collaboration with more than 2 different Market Places.

We successfully developed our Brand's name, website, social media pages and networking, reaching to all the continents through all our platforms.

It's clear for us that we finish this year way above our initial expectations for our first 9 months of activity.

Being a startup, we were aware since the beginning of the financial constraints we would face and of how controlled we needed to be in terms of expenditure.

Nevertheless, we managed to move into our HQ, finance our operation exclusively with own capitals and build a multidisciplinary team that has proven to be a success.

We are starting 2018 with clear Goals ahead, focusing on growing our Turnover over 5x ensuring that our profitability doesn't drop below the 45% we have been able to achieve.

The entire team knows that these results depend on our sole ability to keep making it happening and guaranteeing that we are able to guarantee more than 13 new Openings and 11 Head of Terms signatures during 2018.

It has always been clear in our minds that Retail is a roller-coaster and that everything changes really fast.

That should be the driver that keeps us focused on enlarging our client base and our networking.

Let's make clear that we understand the importance of 2018 as the make it or break it year for EXPEGY!

And that's the reason why we have been preparing us for that with structured Growth and well thought decision making.

We are ready for these new challenges and prepared to succeed!

Therefore, in the name of the whole EXPEGY team, I wish to all our Clients, Partners, Suppliers, Family and Friends a SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY 2018!

Nuno Malheiro

Ceo & Co-Founder

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